How can you efficiently assess and manage vendors while remaining GDPR compliant?

Vendor risk management is currently still a struggle for many organizations. Especially when it comes to GDPR compliance, since many challenges occur for companies. These challenges may occur in both the precontractual phase but also after contracts have been concluded.

In the precontractual phase, you perform your due diligence because you want to make sure that a vendor is trustworthy and has a good reputation. And once the contract has been concluded, you may for example want to agree on a right to audit a vendor.

What will you learn during this webinar?

During this webinar, you will learn more about the specific privacy management activities that you should perform in each phase with a vendor. You will learn more about for example due diligence research, data processing agreements, standard contractual clauses, and transfer impact assessments.

What can you gain from attending the webinar?

After this webinar you have learned that in order to remain GDPR compliant, you know exactly what privacy management activities are included in every phase with a vendor. With this knowledge, you are able to set up your own or improve your existing vendor risk management processes.




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PrivacyPerfect is a renowned legal-tech organisation, providing privacy compliance solutions to an international market successfully for a decade.

We service our clients with a proven SaaS solution for easy GDPR compliance, that simplifies privacy related tasks and makes the regulatory compliance process easier and smoother. 

Our high-end software provides a solution for all primary data privacy needs, empowering privacy professionals worldwide with built-in smart automation, to perform their tasks easier, quicker, more accurately, and more efficiently.

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The attention for data privacy is increasing, while laws and regulations in this area are becoming stricter. The challenge is not to consider data privacy as an obligation, but as a competitive advantage. That is exactly where DPO Consultancy enters the picture. Our consultants help you in every step of your privacy journey. By providing people with the right knowledge, defining the necessary processes and organizing everything down to the last detail. In addition, we can provide tailor made support in various roles, such as your organization’s data protection officer or your data protection representative. Our goal is to make data privacy part of your organization’s DNA.  

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