Medior Backend/DevOps Engineer - Scala + Docker

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Type of employment: Full-time

What makes us PrivacyPerfect?

At PrivacyPerfect, we are building tools to help organisations comply to the local privacy regulation in all countries around the world: from Europe (GDPR) through USA (CCPA) and Japan (APPI), PrivacyPerfect has been able to tailor and localise its services to the market needs of each client. Our team works from the heart of Rotterdam, where we combine our extensive knowledge of the legal domain with state-of-the-art technology to develop our SaaS based toolset. This results in advanced solutions offered to the privacy professionals that work at our customers, which include many types of organisations across the EU.

Your role in a nutshell

We are looking for somebody to join our technical team to work in development operations, which will require the knowledge of IT infrastructure management, CI/CD and core Scala. A base list of knowledge that would be required to fulfil this position:

Experience using Scala or willing to learn 
Experience using JavaScript
Experience with Docker
Understanding of a microservice based architecture
Experience with managing Linux based VMs
Understanding of Graph databases

There is also a list of skills that would be very preferential:

Experience with the Redux/ReactJS framework
Experience with using a Kubernetes cluster
Knowledge of Scala/Akka
Experience using Java
Knowledge of ArangoDB and AQL


What you bring to the table

Self-starter with a high level of energy and confidence.
2-5 years experience with working in agile teams and flexibility due to working in sprints.
Fluency in English and preferably Dutch, with excellent communications skills (written and verbal).
Tolerance towards ambiguity and uncertainty as nothing is set in stone
Own opinions and willingness to voice these, while open for opinions of others
Team player who like to serve others.


What we offer you

An interesting working environment with an international team, and competitive benefits (salary, pension, etc). We can discuss various ways of working with us (working from home for part of the week is quite common at PrivacyPerfect).

If you are interested in this role, please apply by sending your resume (CV) and motivation to
Type of employment: Full-time

Acquisition based on this vacancy is not appreciated!

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